LegitUptime vs. UptimeRobot

Uptime monitoring is a crucial aspect of any website or online service,
and choosing the right tool for your needs can make a big difference in your uptime monitoring experience.

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Compare Pricing and Features

Basic Pro Business
LegitUptime UptimeRobot LegitUptime UptimeRobot LegitUptime UptimeRobot
Price $8/mo, $80/yr
30 monitors
$8/mo, $84/yr
10 monitors
$25/mo, $250/yr
100 monitors
$34/mo, $384/yr
100 monitors
$49/mo, $490/yr
300 monitors
$64/mo, $648/yr
200 monitors
Additional Seats 2 0 10 3 25 3
Ping Interval 1 min 1 min 1 min 1 min 30s 1 min
Android Alerts - - -
Selectable Regions 6 0 10+ 0 10+ 0
Scheduled Maintenance
SSL Reminders
Monthly SMS Credits 30 10-20 100 30 350 50
Twilio Integration - - - -
Status Pages 3 3 100 100 unlimited unlimited
Custom Domain
Password Protection - -
Status Page SMS Subscribers 0 - 500 - 1000 -
White Label - - - -
Free Trial Option - - - - -

Overall, LegitUptime is more affordable acrross the board than UptimeRobot
and in some cases offers more features.

Benefit from extra features and a more desirable user-friendly interface
at a cheaper price tag.

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More Information

Status Pages & Incident Management

Inform your users when there are problems.

A webpage for your users to view the live status of your service or incident.

Alert your users via email and SMS with status updates about an incident.

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