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Monitoring Features

Round-the-clock Monitoring

Check your website or service as frequent every 30 seconds. Supported protocols include HTTP(s), ICMP, and Port. Permanent logs.

Scheduled Maintenance

Pause alerts and monitoring during scheduled times. These scheduled times can be one-time or recurring.

SSL Reminders

Get reminders when your SSL certificate is expring soon.

Global Ping Locations

Check your website from 10+ (and growing) different global locations for redundancy and localized outages.

Multiple Users

Invite teamates and employees to access projects and receive alerts.


Receive alerts through various channels like email, app alerts, SMS, and slack. Utilize webhooks to trigger actions when your site goes down or back up.

Other Features

Status Pages & Incident Management

Inform your users when there are problems.

A webpage for your users to view the live status of your service or incident.

Alert your users via email and SMS with status updates about an incident.

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