Create a Monitor


A monitor is a tool that regularly checks the availability, performance, and uptime of your website or web service. By creating a monitor, you can get alerted in real-time when your site experiences downtime or performance issues.

Monitor Setup Overview

The maximum number of monitors you can create depends on your subscription.

To create a new monitor, you must first have a project selected.

Monitor Setup Overview

Creating a Monitor

  1. Click on "+ Create a new monitor".
  2. Create new monitor button
  3. Enter a valid URL to ping. This should include the application protocol (e.g., http, https, ftp, smtp, and others).
  4. Enter a readable name for this monitor. This is what will show up on your status page. If left blank, the URL will be used as the name.
  5. Set the monitor's status as Active by selecting "Yes" or "No".
  6. Select your server ping locations. These are the locations from where your website will be checked. Choosing multiple locations helps ensure that you receive accurate downtime alerts.
  7. Set your ping frequency, which can range from as low as 30 seconds to 1x a day. This determines how often your website will be checked for uptime.
  8. Configure the resend downtime alerts frequency. This is how often alerts are resent when the website is still down.
  9. Select when you should be alerted about your SSL expiring, with options ranging from 1 day to 30 days.

Advanced Settings

Create new monitor button


Select the protocol to use for monitoring: HTTP(S), Port, or ICMP.

HTTP(S) Extra Settings