Slack Integration

Why use Slack?

Slack is a popular team collaboration platform that helps teams communicate and work more efficiently. By integrating LegitUptime with Slack, you can receive real-time alerts about your website's availability, performance, and downtime directly in your team's Slack channels. This allows your team to quickly react to issues and collaborate to resolve them faster.

Integration Steps

  1. Go to Settings and click the "Add to Slack" button.
  2. You will be redirected to Slack to log in (if not already) and select the channel you want LegitUptime alerts to be in. Click "Allow".
  3. You can only add one channel at a time. To add more channels, simply click the "Add to Slack" button again and repeat the process.

Disconnecting Slack

To disconnect Slack from LegitUptime, go to Settings and click the red "Disconnect from Slack" link. This will stop sending LegitUptime alerts to your Slack channels.