SSL Monitoring

SSL Monitoring Overview

SSL Monitoring is a critical feature that allows you to keep track of the expiration of your website's SSL/TLS certificates. Ensuring your SSL certificates are up to date is essential for maintaining the security and trust of your website visitors. SSL Monitoring alerts you when your certificates are close to expiring, allowing you to take action and renew them before they become invalid.

SSL Expiring Alerts Settings

To configure SSL Expiring Alerts, navigate to the Monitors screen. In the settings for a specific monitor, look for the "SSL Expiring Alerts" dropdown. This dropdown allows you to select when you want to be alerted about your SSL certificate expiration.

Alert Options

The SSL Expiring Alerts dropdown offers the following options for when to receive alerts:

You may receive multiple reminders if your SSL certificate is close to expiring and has not been renewed. This ensures that you are aware of the impending expiration and can take appropriate action to prevent any security issues or loss of trust from your website visitors.